Ou Ye

Software Engineer

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
(416) 829-6098
English & Mandarin

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This is the website of an extremely weird guy, who is currently going into fourth year as a computer science student at Uoft.

I just finished a 3 months of internship at Rakuten Japan, and another 16 months of internship at IBM and Amazon, and through those 20 months I have worked on many different roles and projects and have developed many skills sets. Furthermore, I was also lucky enough to be able to participate in many hackathons abroad to explore the possibilities of technologies, and work with strangers from all around the world and turn an idea into a product overnight.

I particularly enjoys tackling the impossible and working with open source, analytic, game, app, and web development. Life is short, hand me any challenges you got.

Work Experience

  • Software Engineer Intern, Rakuten

    • Design and create an auto data generation serve & website, to automate the testing of an internal product.
    • Continuous design and development of features and tools on internal products to improve the development process.
  • Software Engineer Intern, Amazon

    • Create an internal tool to collect and analyze the data produced by the pipeline
    • Determine job behavior and categorize it into groups dynamically
    • Using historic data (millions) to calculate the state, progress, duration, life span, and the relationship of each job in the pipelines.
    • Create an independent Java server with REST API service to collect, analyze, insert, update, and retrieve data.
    • Create an interactivity web visual representation of the tool using Ruby, Angular, Java, JavaScript connected to REST API
  • Software Engineer Intern, IBM

    • Improved Auto SQL Generation Engine Scalability (Now supports 750x more processes with clusters, and still improving)
    • Design and re-developed web servers using
      • Node.js (Sockets, Async, ES6)
      • DB2, MongoDB
      • Java, Javascript, jQuery
      • C for SQG Engine itself
    • Design and modernized current DB2 home page
    • Design and developed Database Tutorial Android Application to ease the difficulty of learning and getting DB2 certification App Store
    • Developed Performance Analysis Tool and Client Software Analytics Platform to collect and analysis data
    • Produced educational Youtube and internal video on new IBM products to promote and increase adoption of IBM products Youtube Video Playlist

    D-Team Open Source Github Repository
  • Junior Web Developer, Tvphoon

    TVphoon is a small startup company that offer free Internet TV service It offers channel customization and community collaboration

    • Provided ongoing support and improvement for the website
    • Modified and redesign new web interface to enhance user experience
    • Developed and structured new framework and feature using Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, HTML, JavaScript and jQuery

  • IT Assistant , Ministry of Government Service (MGS) And Toronto District School Board (TDSB)

    • Provided ongoing deployment and support for hardware, and software for all TDSB schools and government departments located in Toronto
    • Assisted with re-imaging, collecting hardware and update software inventory
    • Collaborated with manager, directors, programmer, and the IT support team to analyze the issues and resolve them in limited time


  • Languages
    Java - Good Python - Good C - Fluent
  • Web Development
    Nodejs - Proficient Javascript - Proficient jQuery - Proficient HTML/Jade/Ejs/CSS - Proficient React - Fluent
  • Database
    SQL - Proficient MongoDB - Medium
  • Other
    Racket - 4 Month Prolog - 4 Month Haskell - 4 Month Visual Basic - 6 Month


All source code are available on Github (Some are private though)
  • Speciesify [In Development]

    • A personal project aim to extract and identify the species of the organism in the input image, kinda like the Pokedex identifier in Pokemon
    • Combining machine learning and image recognition

    Lens [Devpost] University of Yale Hackathon

    • A website build on Nodejs that collects and analysis tweets from twitter, news articles to produce gender, population, country graph
    • Login functionality and data aggregation is provided by MongoDB
    • The enriched Twitter data comes from IBM Insights API for Twitter
    • The blog and news article reading comes from AlchemyAPI
    • Super close on winning, bad judges

    Donation App [Devpost] University of Waterloo Hackathon

    • An Android application that was developed during Hack The North
    • Uses Google Cloud and API to list nearby charities and food banks based on current location, and simplify finding the data and steps for donation
    • Didn't win anything though

    Mudio [In Development]

    • A website built on Nodejs and MySQL, that allows the public to share instruments music sheets
    • Motivate and allows everyone to listen to high quality audio, and learn from the best

    Community Fund  

    • A crowd funding platform for raising fund and awareness on community project
    • Implemented using Nodejs and MySQL, and hosted on amazon web server
    • Incorporated responsive web design, MVC, database and dynamic web page

    Virtual Hospital Emergency Room App

    • Management software to simulate and record data using Eclipse and Java
    • Incorporated the use of internal data storage, GUI, and local database
    • Record and update patient data using eclipse and internal data storage

    Messaging App

    • A social networking and messaging app where registered community members can submit content, such as text posts
    • Provide user with a convenient tool to broadcast (and consume) important/relevant information
    • Incorporated the use of external MySQL database for processing and storing data

    TIFF Movie

    • A website built on Nodejs and MySql, that will scrape a list of youtube video info and display them nicely to help the user to chose what movie to watch
    • Allows people to search for movies display on that day

    Personal Website

    • www.ouye.photography Photography Site
    • Incorporated responsive web design and dynamic web page
    • No back-end though, hosted on GoDaddy since I can't afford virtual machine


    • Experience with Full-Stack for Web, Mobile, and Java Development
    • Proficient in working with all Windows OS, some UNIX and Linux(Ubuntu)
    • Proficient working with Eclipse, Android Studio, Visual Studio, and Git
    • Knowledge of many software design and architecture, such as RESTful, TDD, Agile, Responsive Web Design, and MVC
    • Experience with using many hosting platform, such as AWS, Google, Bluemix, and Heroku
    • Knowledge of various algorithm, such as "you name it" (Kidding, please don't pick any hard one for the interview)


  • Computer Science Specialist, Bachelor,  University of Toronto


  • Piano Violin Traveling Wild Life Photography Star Gazing Cycling Camping Skydiving Scuba Diving Dogs

Other Random Stuff About Me!

  • Love challenges and adventures! Life is too short to waste

    Love open source, and free stuff

    I want a dog so bad!!!

    Took 6-7 years of violin and programming courses

    Self taught piano, photography, and life in general (When you love it, you gotta do it)