Ou Ye

Software Engineer

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
(416) 829-6098
English & Mandarin & Basic Japanese

Resume-Ou Ye-Software Engineer


I am a recent new grad computer science student from University of Toronto. I'm passionate about full-stack development, creating mobile apps and I actively try my best to improve my skills

I'm excited about new technologies, I like spending my time looking up new stuff, learning new things and creating apps, whether it's mobile, web or hardware, I enjoy it all :D

If I don't know something, I'll learn it, and fast. I am not be an expert at everything, and I often make mistakes, but with time, I can't get worse!

I particularly enjoys tackling the impossible and working with open source, analytic, game, app, and web development. Life is short, hand me any challenges you got.

Work Experience

  • Software Engineer, Thomson Reuters

    • Full stack development on various Java,react, and node.js based web applications with e2e testing using docker, selenium and cucumber
    • Improved the developer experience of the API through integration of various features, such as Swaggerinto the embedded jersey server
    • Development of cross-platform scalable RESTful API by leveraging existing HaProxy
  • Software Engineer Intern, Rakuten

    • Design and implemented of an auto data generation server & website, to facilitate and streamline the process of data generation
    • Engineered the current testing system to join with the data generation, and automated the testing forthe internal credit card system
    • Continuous design and development of features and tools on internal products to improve the development process.
  • Software Engineer Intern, Amazon

    • Created a REST API and an interactivity web tool that can visualize the internal supply chain pipeline using Ruby, Angular, Java, JavaScript, and Hibernate
    • Implementation of data analysis logic to identify the performance of the pipeline, provide early detection, and insight of the pipeline processes in real time
    • Implementation of auto notification with the data analysis to inform the team about the status and health of the jobs and provide an overview of the pipeline system
  • Software Engineer Intern, IBM

    • Improved Auto SQL Generation Engine Scalability (Now supports 750x more processes with clusters)
    • Design and re-developed web servers using
      • Node.js (Sockets, Async, ES6)
      • DB2, MongoDB
      • Java, Javascript, jQuery
      • C for SQG Engine itself
    • Development of a cross platform web server using Java, Node.js, Cluster, DB2 & MongoDB for userto interact with SQL Query Generator
    • Design and developed Database Tutorial Android Application to ease the difficulty of learning and getting DB2 certification
    • Developed Performance Analysis Tool and Client Software Analytics Platform to collect and analysis data
    • Produced educational Youtube and internal video on new IBM products to promote and increase adoption of IBM products Youtube Video Playlist

    D-Team Open Source Github Repository


  • Languages
    Java - Proficient Python - Good C - Fluent
  • Web Development
    Nodejs - Proficient Typscript/Javascript - Proficient jQuery - Proficient HTML/Jade/Ejs/CSS - Proficient React/Redux - Proficient
  • Database
    SQL - Proficient DB2 - Proficient
  • Other
    Procrastination - Proficient


All source code are available on Github (Some are private though)
  • Lens [Devpost] University of Yale Hackathon

    • A website build on Nodejs that collects and analysis tweets from twitter, news articles to produce gender, population, country graph
    • Login functionality and data aggregation is provided by MongoDB
    • The enriched Twitter data comes from IBM Insights API for Twitter
    • The blog and news article reading comes from AlchemyAPI
    • Super close on winning, bad judges

    Donation App [Devpost] University of Waterloo Hackathon

    • An Android application that was developed during Hack The North
    • Uses Google Cloud and API to list nearby charities and food banks based on current location, and simplify finding the data and steps for donation
    • Didn't win anything though

    Community Fund  

    • A crowd funding platform for raising fund and awareness on community project
    • Implemented using Nodejs and MySQL, and hosted on amazon web server
    • Incorporated responsive web design, MVC, database and dynamic web page

    TIFF Movie

    • A website built on Nodejs and MySql, that will scrape a list of youtube video info and display them nicely to help the user to chose what movie to watch
    • Allows people to search for movies display on that day

    Personal Website

    • www.ouye.photography Photography Site (Broke had to take it down)
    • Incorporated responsive web design and dynamic web page
    • No back-end though, hosted on GoDaddy since I can't afford virtual machine


    • Experience with Full-Stack for Web, Mobile, and Java Development
    • Proficient in working with all Windows OS, some UNIX and Linux(Ubuntu)
    • Proficient working with Eclipse, Android Studio, Visual Studio, and Git
    • Knowledge of many software design and architecture, such as RESTful, TDD, Agile, Responsive Web Design, and MVC
    • Experience with using many hosting platform, such as AWS, Google, Bluemix, and Heroku
    • Knowledge of various algorithm, such as "you name it" (Kidding, please don't pick any hard one for the interview)


  • Computer Science Specialist, Bachelor,  University of Toronto


  • Piano Guitar Violin Traveling Wild Life Photography Star Gazing Cycling Camping Skydiving Scuba Diving Dogs

Other Random Stuff About Me!

  • Love challenges and adventures! Life is too short to waste

    Love open source, who doesn't like free stuff

    Love animal, want to adopt one when I can afford it

    Love music, took 6-7 years of violin classes

    Self taught piano, guitar, photography, and life in general (When you love it, you gotta do it)